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Summary0004128: Per-region markers
DescriptionMarkers at present are associated only with a position on the overall session timeline, with no relation to individual regions or playlists.

Once you've decide on (or comped) a good take, this is useful for things like 'verse 1', 'chorus' and so forth. However, there are some cases where it would be useful to have markers which are less 'global'. For example:
 - recording multiple takes of the same piece without a click, verses and choruses will not start at the same point in the timeline, so a 'verse 1' marker only makes sense within a particular take.
 - automatically created xrun markers are only really relevant to the regions which were being captured at the time of the xrun. Presently, there's no way to know after the even which of the regions at the point on the timeline where an xrun occurred might be affected (short of zooming in to look for jumps in the waveform).

It'd be nice to place markers for these two cases at least (and probably more) that are associated with a position in a particular region, or more specifically, with a position in that region's source file.

I know this is really 3.X material at best: I imagine it'd be quite involved, but I thought I'd at least note it here so I don't forget, and in case anyone else has any thoughts about it.
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duplicate of 0003431 acknowledged Provide capacity for Marks/notes in regions 
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2021-05-13 14:34

administrator   ~0025834

These would actually be per-source markers, since they are associated with a specific location within a source, not a region,

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