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0008444bugs2020-10-17 18:50
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Summary0008444: Ardour 6.3.0 quits instantly when importing any MIDI file.
DescriptionArdour 6.3.0 quits instantly when importing any MIDI file. I've tried the debug version (nightly builds) and it works fine but, still, Ardour 6.3 will crash if I try to open a file created with the debug version. I had the same problem with Ardour 6.2 and i thought it had been solved, but now I can't import any MIDI file. I'm on Ubuntu Studio 16.04.
Steps To ReproduceImport MIDI file.
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2020-10-17 18:50

reporter   ~0025126

I just checked again and I can open the MIDI files "notesweep.mid" and "velocitysweep.mid" provided to me by Robin in July.

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