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0008535features2021-01-08 15:33
ReporterspeakAssigned Tox42 
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Product Version6.5 
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Summary0008535: Show the Virtual Midi Keyboard in the midi input dropdown
DescriptionCurrently to hook the virtual midi keyboard into an instrument for use, you have to go to the pin settings.
It would be more intuitive in my opinion if the virtual midi keyboard showed up in the same list other midi keyboards show up: In the midi input dropdown which is accessible from for example the top of the track.
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2021-01-08 14:15

reporter   ~0025396

I said "pin settings", but I meant to midi connection matrix.


2021-01-08 15:33

administrator   ~0025401

Added in Ardour 6.5-99-g728d2a3771

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