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0008544bugs2021-02-02 21:43
ReporterslavikatorAssigned Tox42 
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Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
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Summary0008544: External send copying issue
DescriptionThere are 5 Toms mono tracks. I create the stereo bus for Toms. Then I create an external send to that bus on one of the toms track. Then I just drag the recently created external send to another tom tracks (4) and it copies. So, the Pan works only on the track where external send was originally created. For all the other 4 tracks where the external sends were copied by dragging from the first one, the panning doesn't work. If I remove copied send where panning doesn't work and add external send manually one by one the panning works as expected. Definitely, there is an issue when you copy the external sends from track to track.
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2021-01-27 10:08

reporter   ~0025473

Just installed the Mixbus32C 6.2.270 version. The mentioned issue has been fixed. Now the panning works correctly.

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