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0008599bugs2021-06-22 16:56
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Summary0008599: Push 2 not working properly in Ardour
DescriptionFirst, congrats for the new release, Ardour has really come a long way! I'm having a few issues with the Push 2 support, though. This is using a fairly new Push 2, updated to the latest firmware, working fine in both Ableton Live on Windows and Bitwig Studio on Linux.

- All or some of the buttons (i.e., the ones that are supposed to light up because they are supported in Ardour, like Mix, Master, Scale, Play, Record, etc.) refuse to light up in a freshly created minimal Ardour session with just a single MIDI track. The buttons appear to work as described, it's just very hard to find them when they're not lit. ;-)

- This is a minor niggle, but once the buttons do light up, they aren't turned off again when Ardour exits.

I'm also having some issues specifically with the Scale feature. I can select scale and root all right in the Scale menu, but:

- The Scale menu looks garbled at the bottom (it looks like the last row of the mode menu spills over into the bottom row of root keys, see pic 1). (Sorry for the bad picture quality, I just couldn't get my camera to focus properly.)

- The pads don't light up properly (seemingly at random, or not at all, see pic. 2).

- Once the pads are pushed, they often go dark. At times (chromatic mode?), it's just the pad being pushed, other times (in key mode?) other pads go dark as well, apparently at octave distances -- it's as if Ardour tries to mimic Ableton's and Bitwig's behavior of lighting up the same note in different octaves, but the pads just go dark instead.

- When switching away to master or another track and coming back to the MIDI track, sometimes the entire grid remains dark.
Steps To ReproduceMost of this stuff happens seemingly at random, but I see at least some of it most of the time.

- Create a new Ardour session with just one MIDI track in it and make sure that the Push 2 is enabled as a control surface and connected.

- Do all the buttons supported by Ardour light up?

- Switch to the scale menu. Do you notice the display glitches?

- Select a scale and root. Does the grid light up?

- Start pushing a few pads. Do they go dark?

- Switch to master and then back to the MIDI track. Is the grid still lit up properly?
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2021-03-02 09:22


Ardour-Push2-ScaleMenu.png (494,810 bytes)
Ardour-Push2.png (381,145 bytes)


2021-03-02 09:45

reporter   ~0025577

One more thing that I forgot: dB meters are sometimes missing on audio tracks (both in global and track mix view).


2021-06-18 22:51

administrator   ~0025968

Sorry for missing this when you reported it.

I just tried here with current Ardour (note: the code to support the Push2 has not changed in a long time), and it works fine.

I'm wondering if there was some firmware revision and you have a newer Push2 (effectively). I've had mine since right after they came out.


2021-06-19 17:00

developer   ~0025971

I have seen some sporadic sketchiness, but not very often. I suspect it's some kind of deeper USB/IPC/etc thing. Which backend are you using?

The scale menu thing is just a straightforward rendering bug and unrelated to the more general sketchiness, I've already fixed it (in a branch).


2021-06-21 05:02

reporter   ~0025980

Paul, this is quite likely. I was running the latest firmware (at least at the time I reported the issue).

Dave, I'm not sure what you mean by backend, but I was running this on a Manjaro (Arch-based) system, fully updated.

FWIW, the same device (with the new firmware) works fine OOTB with Bitwig, as well as Reaper, using Moßgraber's scripts (

I can try on a different system (Ubuntu MATE 21.04, and even Windows), and see whether that helps. But in the light of Paul's remarks I suspect that it might be an issue with the firmware version.


2021-06-21 05:05

reporter   ~0025981

Correction: Works fine on Bitwig with Moßgraber's scripts (, I don't think that I tested with Reaper yet.


2021-06-22 16:56

developer   ~0025990

I meant "backend" for Ardour, i.e. Jack or Alsa. Only tangentially related, but I feel (if in the vaguest possible way) like I've seen different wonkiness depending.

My Push is also updated to the latest firmware. Also on Manjaro as it happens. I'd wager it's extremely unlikely that there's anything wrong with the device.

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