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0008677features2021-04-26 10:34
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Summary0008677: Working in sessions with over 100 range markers is a pain - no timeline search function
DescriptionI'm currently working in game development as an SFX artist.

I often work in extremely large Ardour sessions, with hundreds of sound effects being exported from a single timeline. I think this use case exposes many shortcomings of Ardour's navigation capabilities and performance.

For example: because Ardour has no search function I've opened my .ardour file and searched for marker names to find their location on the timeline. I got it, but it's in audio samples, so not something I can easily understand right away.

Searching manually by scrolling the timeline and reading marker names won't work - the markers are too cluttered and names are not visible, plus there's just too many. Using the Locations panel is futile, as the session is too large. Also opening the Locations panel or window takes forever with as many range markers as this session has (over 150).

I tried copying and pasting this value into my main clock widget to move my playhead there, but it's not reacting to Ctrl+V shortcut.

I'm gonna move my playhead and compare the sample values between the playhead position and my found marker location to find it on the timeline.
Needless to say - it's quite a suboptimal workflow.

I wonder what could be done to improve Ardour for working with such large SFX-centered sessions.
I'd love to be able to hit Ctrl+F like in a text editor, type in a name and search my timeline.
Additional InformationI attach screenshots to show the extent of the sessions I'm working with.
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