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0008691bugs2021-05-11 22:13
ReporterMicaguayAssigned Tox42 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuStudioOS Version20.04.1 LTS
Product Version6.6 
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Summary0008691: Starting Ardour6 Problem (DEAD END FOR USER)
DescriptionDEAD END after Calibration
Steps To ReproduceLaunch Ardour
Put New Session

Go to Calibration but do NOTHING and come back

ALSA has been STARTED but you are in a DEAD END (for the user, will not know how to go ahead)

Ardour is not starting, and you are looking at that screen without knowing what to do.

Solution if you figure out or appreciate Ardour, is to stop and start ALSA again, but there should be a BFButton below that says START ARDOUR (so when engine is working you can start, or solving all use cases).
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2021-05-07 06:56


config-dead-end.png (51,213 bytes)
config-dead-end.png (51,213 bytes)


2021-05-08 03:04

administrator   ~0025805

however you can continue by re-starting the engine: stop and start


2021-05-08 19:10

reporter   ~0025810

The important thing is that you now, know it.
That's what i wanted, to help.
Thanks for everything, you are becoming old and grouchy, but we owe you so much that we forgive you, for being sometimes rude, we even understand.
Put that START button at the bottom, for stupid people like us, experts of UI/UX. This is also happening in Mixbus? :)


2021-05-09 01:25

administrator   ~0025812

It is a valid bug that needs to be addressed.

I was just offering advice to meanwhile work around the issue.


2021-05-11 22:13

administrator   ~0025813

Fixed in 6.6-489-g3a7304ca01

I'd have fixed it earlier, but I had to live up to the "old and grouchy" attributes :)
Anyway, ready in time for 6.7. Please test.

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