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0008706features2021-06-03 22:38
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Summary0008706: Allow simultaneous drag of selected markers & regions
DescriptionIt's already possible to select multiple markers (via the usual <Ctrl>+click/<Shift>+click actions), and all the selected markers can be moved together. Moreover, it's possible to select both markers and regions simultaneously. However, dragging a selected marker or region when the selection contains both types of objects doesn't move all the selected objects, but only those of the same type as the one being dragged.

It could be useful if dragging a region or marker when both types of objects are selected moved all the selected objects.
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2021-06-03 15:40

administrator   ~0025923

There's a bigger issue here, which is how to select and move "everything" in a given section of the timeline (markers, tempo, meter, automation, audio, MIDI) ... we don't have a clear, solid idea on the best approach to this so far.


2021-06-03 22:38

updater   ~0025924

A "move everything" would be a marvellous thing, but even without that, I think a "move all selected things, whether regions or markers" could be useful.

There's definitely a question about what should happen when moving a selection containing a mixture of items whose position is specified in samples and ones whose position is in musical time when there are tempo or meter changes, but that would apply equally to "move everything" and "move selection", unless the selection is only ever allowed to contain items with one or other type of position.

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