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0008723bugs2021-06-09 01:59
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Product Version6.7 
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Summary0008723: inputs and outputs lost when reconnecting to jack
DescriptionIf the jackd process ended while Ardour was running, Ardour will detect this. If the user restarts the jackd process, and reconnects Ardour to jack, sometimes the inputs/output assignments are lost. For example, the typical output of "Master in" for each track may be set to nothing, and the master track's hardware outputs (e.g. out 1+2) may be set to nothing. Similarly, inputs maybe set to nothing in the same way.
Steps To Reproduce1. Run an Ardour session that uses jack
2. Kill jackd suddenly
3. Restart jackd
4. Reconnect Ardour to jack using Audio/MIDI Setup dialogue box
5. Observe missing output and input assignments
Additional InformationI was using jack2 when this happened to me, but this was purportedly reproduced using jack 1 as well.
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Werner Back

2021-05-26 09:06

reporter   ~0025891

Same or similar problem here, I wanted to change the audio interface , after that all audio was disconnected. Worse than that, EVERY routing was gone, even if no hardware i/o was involved, eg. a input channel to a bus.

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