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0008754bugs2021-08-19 13:32
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Summary0008754: Ardour sometimes crash when using pipewire
DescriptionI am using ardour with pipewire jack emulation layer and ardour crashes after a few hours of utilisation.

I am unable to reproduce the issue, but it does happen eventually after a few hours of use.

Ardour is mixing in the background and I am not touching Ardour's UI when it happens.

I ran Ardour with gdb attached, and I was able to pinpoint it to the following callback:

jack_port_name is called with NULL and there is an assertion in pipewire that check for NULL.

Pipewire side of the discussion:
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2021-06-20 13:47

administrator   ~0025974

Can you try if this happens if you don't use pipewire? -- If so it is a bug in pipewire.


2021-06-21 23:35

reporter   ~0025984

It is a very hard to reproduce bug, it happens like once every day, and as I actually uses ardour, it is hard for me to have it run in a "debug setup" for that long.

I was running with Jack before, and never had that bug, so it it is entirely possible it is caused by pipewire, but I am not sure because I did upgrade ardour when switching from jack to pipewire.


2021-06-21 23:53

administrator   ~0025985

This is definitely a pipewire bug. jack_port_name() must not be NULL during the callback.

A guess: it happens when the port goes away. First there's a disconnect callback and then the port is removed. but by the time pipewire calls Ardour it likely already has internally removed the port.

Nothing we can do no our side.


2021-06-21 23:58

administrator   ~0025987

the code in the callback in question:

    GET_PRIVATE_JACK_POINTER (_priv_jack);

    jack_port_t* a = jack_port_by_id (_priv_jack, id_a);
    jack_port_t* b = jack_port_by_id (_priv_jack, id_b);

    manager.connect_callback (jack_port_name (a), jack_port_name (b), conn == 0 ? false : true);

so the only way that jack_port_name() can get a null pointer is if jack_port_by_id() returns null when given a port ID by a connect callback. That's not possible, so this appears to be a pipewire issue.


2021-08-19 13:32

viewer   ~0026117

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