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0008755bugs2021-08-19 20:18
ReportermvondrAssigned Topaul 
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.7 
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Summary0008755: Compressor plugin causes system crash
DescriptionTrying to see GUI of ACE Compressor (stereo) plugin, Ardour is exited.
Steps To ReproduceOn Windows 10, Ardour 6.7
- Create audio track (mono/stereo)
- Add plugin ACE Compressor (stereo) (or other LV2!)
- Double click on plugin to see GUI in the separate window
Ardour is hang up and is exited.
TagsACEplugins, ardour6, crash, plugin, Windows



2021-06-20 22:35

administrator   ~0025975

This is commonly caused by outdated graphics card drivers, and solved by updating the graphics card driver to the latest version.

Other plugins that use openGL (e.g. Harrison XT-*, overtoneDSP) are likely affected as well.


2021-06-21 10:54

reporter   ~0025983

I have all drivers and Windows on latest versions. I updates it regularly. And the laptop is only 3 years old (Lenovo E580). All plugins have worked well until some date. Now it is very frustrating and anoying and makes Ardour hard usable.


2021-06-22 21:58

administrator   ~0025999

To be clear, this is an issue with OpenGL on your system, not with Ardour. OpenGL on Windows is a part of the graphics card driver.

Hans Flikkema

2021-06-24 16:56

reporter   ~0026005

How can I check if my computers uses OpenGL. I think I experience the same problems with 6.7 (crashing all the time so I had to reinstall 6.6.346)
I experience the answers given above not very helpfull, with all respect.


2021-06-24 20:24

administrator   ~0026006

Theses plugins use OpenGL for their GUIs. Windows graphics hardware drivers provides OpenGL. It's not always functional.


2021-06-26 17:56

reporter   ~0026011

I have solved this problem on my Lenovo E580. I setup graphic preference to Radeon GPU and it works well! So it means, problem is with last update of Intel UHD Graphics 620 drivers (version:
1. Open Windows Settings, type "graphic", choose Graphic Settings,
2. Click Browse, find your Ardour.lnk (or .exe) to add it
3. Click on the new item Ardour.exe, click Options, select Graphic preference High Performance GPU: Radeon RX 550.

Until Intel make functional update, this is the workaround.

Hans Flikkema

2021-06-26 22:23

reporter   ~0026013

Hi, thanks so much mvondr
The action described by mvondr (2021-06-26 17:56) seems to have solved mine problem as well (I run Ardour W10 PRO on LENOVO Ideacentre).
1. Opened Windows Settings, type and choose Graphic Settings,
2. Browse, find your Ardour.exe to add it
3. Click on the new item Ardour.exe, click Options, select Graphic preference High Performance GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT-730.
Up to this moment no crashing :-)


2021-08-19 20:18

viewer   ~0026118

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