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0008762features2021-06-25 03:46
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Summary0008762: Mass MIDI note editing via automation lanes
DescriptionHow to implement quick velocity editing in MIDI tracks has been a very heated topic on the forums, and I've come around to the limits of lollipop graphs, as @paul and @x42 have both come out against. So why not instead make a velocity curve lane for MIDI tracks that automatically edits the velocity to the curve. This has several advantages to the lollipop approach:

- You can "write" the function and bind the fader to a knob/fader on a MIDI controller, play through the song, and edit all the velocities in one playthrough of the entire song - potentially for every midi track all at once (therefor creating a "groove"). There is currently no way to bind a MIDI controller in any program that has lollipops type vertical graphs.
- You can use the "touch" function after editing the notes in aggregate to edit individual notes in chords, single notes that you want to fall outside the curve, and then "play" to avoid accidentally touching the velocities of notes.

This approach can be expanded to dragging and rushing notes ahead of/behind the beat, as well as other MIDI properties.
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