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0008809bugs2021-10-08 19:45
ReportereastoneAssigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformPowerMac G5/G4OSOSXOS Version10.5.8
Product Version6.9 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0008809: Crashes when adding new midi track witht General MIDI synth instrument
DescriptionArdour crashes on PowerMacs G5 and G4 when adding a new track only with General MIDI synth instruments.
Crash log attatched.
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce:
1) Open Ardour
2) F.e. double click to add a new midi track, choose General MIDI synth instrument (only this instrument!) The rest of instruments seems to be ok.
3) And pointer changing to beach ball and app crashes.



2021-10-06 19:23


Ardour6_2021-10-06-215905_g5s-power-mac-g5.crash (54,284 bytes)


2021-10-08 11:32

administrator   ~0026178

The problem here seems to be the plugin. does it work when creating a track without synth?


2021-10-08 14:43

reporter   ~0026179

No problems with empty track.
BTW, recently, I think I missed a second problematic plugin, SinGen. It crashes in the same way, but at least I can use it by swapping another working plugin in the project (this method does not work for General MIDI plugin)

SinGen crashlog attatched.

Ardour6_2021-10-08-165528_g5s-power-mac-g5.crash (57,682 bytes)


2021-10-08 17:41

administrator   ~0026180

The problem is that 6.9 was the last version with PPC support.
So those reports are a bit too late ( ).

We've meanwhile moved on "modern" C++11 (also 10 years old now), but that requires at last macOS 10.9.


2021-10-08 19:45

reporter   ~0026181

I understand.
On my G5 with Debian Bookworm 64bit those problems not occur :)
Btw, thx for you effort.

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